Monday, September 9, 2013

Mom vs Provider vs Nurturer

So, I have been working on the Ambulance as a Paramedic for a little bit now. I am working towards getting my own truck shortly. Yay for me... But to everything there is an "opposition". Lately it has been the "mom" side of me. Let me explain. Kyle has been acting up at school... I think I have that one nipped... Molly has now been complaining of a stomach ache everyday before school, ad says she just wants to stay home with me. I quickly tell her that mommy doesn't stay home. So, she says she wants me to stay home from work. I can't do that. And we have been so short handed lately, everyone has been working overtime. So, little traditions have been pushed to the side. reading before bed, snuggling, reading our scriptures as a family. I think I have come up with a little solution or a temporary fix. I love the power of technology. I figure I will do like I did during deployment. Video messages, so they can hear and see me... plus do 2 out of the three things I have been neglecting since I started working. So, here it goes.