Friday, November 30, 2012

Running Thoughts

I often wonder what life would be like if I made a few different choices here and there. Would I be successful? Would I have kiddos? Would I be traveling the world? I look at what life could be if I had decided to make different choices. Honestly, I dont know that I would like it as much as I like my life now. Yes my life is difficult, and the choices I have made have contributed to that. However, it is my life, and my challenges.. I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes I think I just need to learn to breathe...because breathing is the key to life!

DAY 5: Unconscious movement

One of the things I like the most about waking up at 0430 and running is that my brain isn't quite awake and talking to my body yet. By the time my brain and body are talking I have gone far enough that my brain says to my body "You realize we still have to make it back to the house. You can't keep running in this direction and expect to get back to where you started." The other good thing is that the kid riding back seat in my brain isn't whining yet--" Are we there yet? How much longer? I have to go potty..." That being said, not too shabby today... Day 5: 3.5 miles running .8 miles walking warm-up and cool down. Serious about the eviction. Fat take your friends and LEAVE!!!!

DAY 4: The Journey

REGRET!!!!! As much as I dislike this word, it was my motivation today. I knew that if I didn't get up and run, my mental and physical well being would suffer. I was up most of the night with a sick kiddo, so sleeping in would've been a whole lot easier. Anyone who knows me knows I don't take the easy way out. I don't want to be "that person". I know that if I don't do what needs to be done, I won't see results... So, that being said... DAY 4: 2.2 miles running and 1 mile walk for warm up and cool down. I know I have a long way to go before I am the "me" I want to be, but if I look for the finish line too early, I will miss taking the steps to get there... This is my Journey-healthiness, peace, happiness-not a destination.


Day 3: 2.2 miles and .8 walking warm-up and cool down... Dear baby fat... Consider this your official eviction notice!!! Starting weights in 2 weeks... That is all.

DAY 2: Ninja Suit

DAY 2: 2.5run .6 walk for warm up and cool down..... DEAR ARMY, Thank you for providing the perfect NINJA suit for me to run in this morning!!! No one could see or hear me-- because that is what a good ninja does!! Trust me I learned from SSG Sebastian-- and he has mad ninja skills!! That is all... Oh, and the stars and moon were beautiful at 0430---just in case anyone was wondering!!

DAY 1: New ME!!

Random 5k this morning... Check.... On my way to a skinnier, healthier me... Check... Vowing to never be this size and out of shape again... Check... Beautiful morning, and the moon was gorgeous!!! Loving my 0430 schedule... Now, if I could only head over to the EMT and work on some patients my morning would be complete!
"Someday Ill get in shape", "Someday Ill go back to school", "Someday Ill write a book", "Someday Ill get out of this bad relationship", "Someday Ill make millions", "Someday Ill ______"(fill in the blank). Do you have a case of the somedays? Well, I got news for you..."Someday" is never coming. You're never going to magically wake up "someday" and magically have all you ever wanted for your life. You know how you get what you want for yourself "Someday" making the right choices taking action TODAY. So stop worrying about "someday", stop putting off things for tomorrow and concentrate of what you are doing today...because thats the only way to make the dreams of "someday" a reality.


One of the main difference between those that succeed and those that fail is the way they mentally process challenges or setbacks. Successful people look at set backs as an opportunity to learn a lesson, improve and come out of the situation better than they went into it...ultimately getting that much closer to their goal. Unsuccessful people pout, look at their set backs as failures and usually quit justifying their quitting with some whiny excuse. There are no excuses. Setbacks happen. They are inevitable. Learn to expect them. How you view, interpret and act when they happen will ultimately determine the winners from the losers. cant fail if you don't quit.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Starting over

Well, like a lot of things in this world-LIFE is unpredictable. You set out on a path, thinking you know how it will end or that you are going in the right direction. Then, all of a sudden you are going on a different path with new scenery. This past year has been an interesting one. I have gone from being in the best shape of my life, to having a baby and starting all over. I have seen the worst in people and I have seen the best. I have gone to having everything I thought I needed including deep pockets, to having everything I really needed and empty bank accounts. I have seen the joy and love in my children's eyes and know that this is all that matters. All the material things in life dont mean anything if you dont have the love of family. I have been to the point of having empty cupboards and becoming very creative in finding ways to feed my family, to having overwhelming amounts of food storage!!! All in all, you never know what life is going to bring you- and what lessons need to be learned. My mom would say that I am the queen of whiplash... Nothing is set in stone for me. But, I am taking it a day at a time with a huge dose of patience and optimism!!!