Thursday, January 3, 2013


Today I didnt want to get up... But I have devised a way to ensure that I get out of bed at 0400 and to the gym by 0415 every morning. I sleep in a sweatshirt and long pants with socks on. Anyone that knows me well knows that I hate to sleep with socks on and be hot while I am sleeping... Drives me nuts. So by 0350 I am sweating like crazy and have to get out of bed to cool off. See, love to outsmart myself!!! Not a bad workout today. I only did 2.5 miles of sprints... but, it's better than laying in bed!! Everyone comes to a point where the have had ENOUGH. Today is the day most people really mean to make serious changes in their lives. They talk about all the great things they are going to do this year and the positive changes they are going to make. They get excited and pumped and start down a new road of progress for themselves in many areas of their lives. Unfortunately, this usually lasts for about 3 days. They miss the most important part of the equation: The never cross from getting excited and pumped over to taking action...or if they do its short lived. Real change takes real commitment and real action! Its takes forcefully implementing new habits. Which means doing things you don't feel like doing over and over again until they are new habits. The first couple days will be easy, but its what you do once the initial excitement wears off that determines if you are going to make it or not. Real change means making a decision and sticking with that decision no matter what happens or how hard it gets. Expect challenges, expect setbacks but expect to overcome them...but most of all...expect to do the work! What you have done up until this point in no way dictates what you will do from this point forward. Whatever it is you are looking to change this year, you can and will....IF you are willing to move through just talking about the possibilities and on to ACTING on the plan that will bring you to your destination. Attaining goals is simple in concept, but challenging in discipline and effort. Thats ok, because the end result is always worth it. When was the last time you got something amazing with little or no effort? "What one man can do...another can do". There is no truer statement when it comes to accomplishing anything. Many people have already set the bar for what is possible, all you have to do is follow the plan. You are not the "special" exception to this rule. Many people have accomplished what it is you want with much tougher obstacles in their way. Let this statement ring in your head when the going gets tough for you...which it will. Lets make this THE YEAR. Forget about the past and what dreams may not have been fulfilled and lets get focused on what we really want for ourselves and make a decision to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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