Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Trying to find peace...

So, last night I think I lost it. I have been giving Tyler a ton of attention lately because he has been really sick. Molly decided to throw a temper tantrum. I lost it. I havent felt this out of control in a long time. Let me clarify. When I say I lost it, I raised my voice at her, and sent her to her room for the night. She kept coming out. I kept sending her back... and not in a quiet way. She has my stubbornness and hard-headedness... Night time is a stressful time..most of the time. I dont know how to get past it. I ended up sitting in her room trying to get her to calm down, but sometimes when she goes into a fit, it takes hours for her to come down. I didnt like feeling this out of control... in fact I hated it (bad word...I know). My workout even suffered this morning because my heart was heavy... not just my body. And yesterday started out so well.. She has this way with Tyler. He doesn't like getting these breathing treatments that he has to have. Molly heard him fussing at 0600 and came out and danced in front of him... It always makes him laugh. Then she read a book to him while I was in the shower. She made Kyle's bed... and she was ready for school waaaaaay before it was time to leave... Kyle too. I couldnt help but think what a wonderful morning it was. After school, we walked home. They had snacks, and went outside to play until dark. 65 degrees. I should've known that it was going to be a rough night when she wouldn't come inside. Arrrggghhhh.... Well, at least Kyle and Tyler were good for more... They haven't learned the art of ganging up on me just yet. Hopefully today will be a better day...No, not hopefully--Today will be a better day!

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