Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Victories...

So, I've decided instead of focusing on what I was and what I am not, I am going to focus on the little victories that life allows me to earn.. First victory, Day 2 at the gym, consistant 0400 wakeup. 0415 at the gym. Second victory, 1 hour on the eliptical on level 5. I've only done the eliptical one other time, and I felt like a chicken trying to swim... So, then I did three miles on the bike. I am accepting my flaws as goals that I need to overcome. Little victories are what keep me going. Tomorrow will be day 2 of weights. Thank you for the SUPERMAN workout. I will push my self with more reps... Like I said, I am learning to love little victories.
Little know fact about sharks... Some will drown if they stop moving... So, I will keep moving too... lol (I took these pics at the aquarium at the Mall Of America.) My kiddos loved it!

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