Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shame on me!!!

So, I was caught in the Christmas laziness.... I just got back into the gym this morning... its been almost 5 days since my last workout... Man, I sound like an AA meeting gone bad. Anyways, I figured out a few things this morning. First of all, I have a long way to go till I am in great shape. Second, I am going to repeat this weeks workout again next week. I dont feel like I have mastered it, but I will. Third, I was doing my cool down on the bike and watching ESPN. So, this commercial comes on and I just start laughing out loud. It was a commercial for professional bowlers, and it was trying to make them look all sexy and what not. Two things-- I didnt have my headphones plugged into it, so the song that I had on "Sexy and I know it" (which makes me laugh anyways) was playing when this commercial came on... And next-- there is no possible way to make bowling look sexy... Don't get me wrong-I have a great time bowling with my kiddos... But sexy?? LOL... So, all in all not a bad workout this morning... 800 calories burned...

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