Friday, December 14, 2012


So, being a mom has its advantages and disadvantages... ADVANTAGE: Kiddos that want to snuggle... DISADVANTAGE: They all want to snuggle at the same time in my twin bed. Let's just say that with those little hot bodies, who needs a heater? So, at 0200 I put them all in there beds again so that I could get a little sleep before my 0400 wakeup. The gym was good this morning. I threw in an extra set of reps on everything, so I feel really good right now. My body feels so sore... I feel alive!!! I was looking at the trainers on the wall. It looks like one of the girls I played soccer with in college is a trainer, and one of the guys I worked with at a trucking company is also a trainer. Small world. Well, I burned 600 calories today. Slow but steady... Tomorrow I have a 3.5 mile run planned before drill.. YAY!!! There is something about the solitude of being outside under the stars that I just love... It is so peaceful and calming.

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