Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ramblings on the run....

This morning was beautiful. A brisk 33 degrees and skies as clear as can be. I was blessed to see 2 shooting stars, and all I could think was, "Man, Molly and Kyle are going to be so excited." I really started to ponder some things today. A lot of it has to do with medicine and my military career. I started to think about what kind of MEDIC I wanted to be and how to better myself. I see the Soldiers around me that don't know a lot about medicine (teaching a CLS class to a transportation unit today), and I want to help them understand. So, I was going through the steps of triage, treating and different procedures in my head. I want to teach. My passion is helping others have that light bulb go off in their heads that says, "Oh, this makes sense now." I want to know that when my brothers (literally my brothers... from the same Mama) are in situations where they need help, they have someone that they trust their life to. I may never know what they went through, or feel what they felt, but I need to know that I am ready to help if called upon. Hopefully that passion will rub off on MEDICS that don't care as much about their jobs. I was blessed to have one of the most incredible instructors that I could have ever been blessed with. She is a Paramedic and taught with such passion and experience that it was hard to not be excited about learning. For that, I will be eternally grateful!! I need to push myself to be the best that I can be. People trust that when they need help, it will be there. I am sure there will be those, "Oh Crap" moments when I first start as a Paramedic, but I will learn from them, and ensure that I will become better with each call. This next year is going to be interesting. I will finish up school, earn my degree and license, and put my PA packet in. I have been extremely blessed to have mentors in my life to help guide me to what I need to learn and where I need to be. Working in the EMT this past Deployment helped me to understand and acquire the thirst for knowledge. I had the best Doc's, PA and NP that I could ever ask for. They allowed me to pick their brains and learn what my passion truly is. It seems like the more I am around a higher degree of knowledge, the more I get excited about medicine and want to know what they know. So, enough with the ramblings... Great run this morning: 3.5 mile run, .8 walk warm up/ cool down. Run was done in 35 minutes. Not a bad start... Gotta start somewhere.

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