Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still going....

So, you don't die when you turn 34... Just so you all know.. lol.. According to my kiddos I am "700 years old". Yesterday's workout was a really good one. I did week two of my Superman transformation workout!! It kicked my butt...in a good way. Today was intervals. Although I wasn't at the gym for longer than an hour today, my clothes were soaking wet and my legs shaky. I only went 2.25 miles doing sprints. I need to start getting it up to 3-4 miles of sprints. Patience Grasshopper, that will happen. I am the biggest squirrel when it comes to thinking while working out. I have a feeling the next few years are going to hold something good in store for myself and my family.. I'm just saying. I look forward to it. I am definitely getting my CCL this next month. Especially for when I am out and about with the kiddos. See.... Squirrel!!! lol
Are these too big to use for the CCL??? Just kidding!!

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